Book production

I draw on my publishing background to help scholars prepare their book-length projects for publication.

These are some of my recently copy-edited books and special issues:

A Global Conceptual History of Asia 1860–1940, ed. Hagen Schulz Forberg (Routledge, 2016)

‘Authority in Shia Islam’, ed. David Thurfjell, special issue of Religion

I have to say that you have done an awesome job. I have worked with quite a few language editors over the years and you are definitely the best. Besides doing a fantastic and meticulous job with the editing, you are fast, you keep your promises and you – unlike most others – do not make things more complicated and tortuous than they need to be. I am very impressed. Thank you.
David Thurfjell, Södertörn University, Stockholm

Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas, eds. Cécile Pelaudeix and Ellen Margrethe Basse (Routledge, 2017)

Factors that Promote or Hinder the Use of Research-Based Knowledge in Primary and Lower Secondary School: A Systematic Review and State-of-the-Field Analysis, Danish Clearinghouse for Education Research (2017)

I can only give Lucy my very best recommendation. Very professional and thorough work. Comments were very clear and helpful and easy to use. Time limits were kept and even if my own were continually changed Lucy managed this in a most professional way.
Camilla Brørup Dyssegaard, Danish Clearinghouse for Education Research

‘The Metadiscourse of Renaissance Humanism’, ed. Annet den Haan, special issue of Renæssanceforum: Journal of Renaissance Studies

‘Participatory Design in an Era of Participation’, ed. Rachel C. Smith, special issue of CoDesign

Gerasa/Jerash: From the Urban Periphery, eds. Rubina Raja and Achim Lichtenberger (Aarhus University, 2017)

Palmyra: Pearl of the Desert, ed. Rubina Raja (Aarhus University, 2017)