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Words are the most powerful tool

Words can hone and sharpen what you have to say until it is clear and direct,
so your audience doesn’t have to struggle to understand what you mean.

Words can breathe life into your sentences and make them vivid and precise.

That’s what I do. I use words to make your meaning clearer.

I am a trained British copy-editor/writer from London with thirty years’ editing experience, living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. I’ve stepped in and out of academia my whole career, but I’ve also been Editor-in-chief of a major London-based international journal, commissioning and deciding on which articles to publish. I know what editors look for.

For researchers, I will make your text accessible and transparent, yet preserve accuracy. My clients trust me to make their work read better without changing the meaning. I have been helping researchers at Aarhus University prepare their work for publication since 2011. I also translate academic texts from Danish into English, my native language.

I have to say that you have done an awesome job. I have worked with quite a few language editors over the years and you are definitely the best. Besides doing a fantastic and meticulous job with the editing, you are fast, you keep your promises and you—unlike most others—do not make things more complicated and tortuous than they need to be. I am very impressed. Thank you.
David Thurfjell
Associate Professor in the Study of Religion,
Södertörn University, Stockholm

For clients in museums and in tourism, I can fine-tune your communications texts for an international audience in real English and with the right signals. Because I have marketed journals but studied art history as well, I know these audiences very well. I can make your web texts and promotional materials speak directly to your clients exactly as you want them to.

I also produce communications projects for clients who don’t have the personnel to do it in-house. If your company has an idea or vision you want to communicate in a product, I will take your brief, generate the content, and edit it into a professional communications tool that fits your profile and expresses what you want to say. Like this short collection of stories, which I commissioned and edited for International Community Aarhus: