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When you are writing to an international market, the signals have to be right for the audience. Home-grown translation can’t do that. Phrasing imported directly over from Danish sounds strange to an English ear and it doesn’t capture the meaning you are trying to project. You need someone who not only writes really well in their native language, but really knows specific audiences. I have experience in journal marketing both to the well-informed general reader and various kinds of specialist, and I will put what you mean—your ideas, not your words—into real English with the right signals.

What my clients say:

Lucy knows the target group and the phrases used in this world and she makes the language fit exactly. She takes sentences and puts them into real English.
Gitte Bindzus Foldager
Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Aarhus University

Lucy has a clear understanding of our subject area, and we always get more than ‘just’ a translation. Even with tight deadlines, Lucy always delivers high-quality translations and editing with improvements in both language and content.
Anne P. Langer
International Coordinator, International Centre, Aarhus University

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Lucy gets inside what you are trying to say and comes up with constructive and empathetic suggestions which, with her great feel for language, lift the quality of the text. She enhanced the professionalism of my work.
Dorte Kongerslev
CEO, The Expatriate Psychologist, Copenhagen

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