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Project management

If your company has an idea or a vision you want to communicate in a publication but you don’t have your own editorial team, I can take your brief, generate the content, and edit and write it into a publication that expresses what you want to say as a professional communications tool that fits your profile.

I just did this for International Community Aarhus. They wanted to produce two short books showcasing expats’ personal stories of their experiences settling in Denmark. The results were Coming to Denmark and Expat Partners. I commissioned the stories for both these books, and edited them into publications that go to the heart of the expat experience.

What my clients say:

Lucy has the feel for putting publications together so that everything flows.
Jesper Theil
Communications Specialist, Erhverv Aarhus/International Community, Aarhus

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In Lucy Seton-Watson we found an editor who was able to translate our brief for the Expat Partners publication into a professional product that precisely reflected our organisation’s purpose and profile. She delivered a publication which corresponded 100 per cent with the original brief, plus added value during the working process.
Rasmus Bonde
Former Head of Communications, Erhverv Aarhus/International Community, Aarhus
Business Development Manager, MacArtney Inc

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