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If you are wasting precious time trying to express yourself accurately for publication in English when it isn’t your native language, I can clarify and focus your writing so that your ideas come across clearly and the style is right.

I can do this because I know the world of academic study and the world of academic publishing. I’ve always studied, because I love it. But I’ve also been Editor-in-chief of a major international journal at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London.

My first degree was in Classics at Cambridge University. I dropped out of a Cambridge PhD on Latin poetry and took an MA in Philosophy at London University instead. Then another MA in Arabic Studies/Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo. In 2021, I’ve just completed an Undergraduate Diploma in English Literature at Cambridge University
and am about to start on another.

So I know academic writing from the inside and from the outside.
And I know what editors want.

My specialist fields are art history, classical studies, philosophy, English literature, Middle East history and Islam, and international relations. And because I lived
and studied in Cairo, Egypt, for many years, I also know the contemporary
Middle East and modern Islam very well. And I have Arabic, Latin and Greek at degree level.

What my clients say:

It is a wonderful feeling to see your text becoming fluid and easy to read.
Torsten Hylen
Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden

I would definitely recommend you as the most capable language editor I have worked with. I especially liked how you distinguish between actual errors and stylistic choices, and that you often explain why you suggest corrections/alterations.
Marianne Pade
Director, The Danish Institute in Rome
Professor of Classical Philology and Languages
Aarhus University

I love that after your proofreading, I still feel that it is my text and my words—just much, much better.
Sine Grov Saxkjær
The Danish Institute in Rome

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Lucy is very empathetic to the language, style, and field she works with. Her work is precise and thorough, while also expressing respect for the content.
Rachel C. Smith, Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction, Aarhus University
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Lucy is excellent at what she does because she works with the project and the text, rather than simply applying conventional standards onto a piece of writing. As a reader she listens to the text, and her editing captures the tone and the voice of the author – aiming to make it clear and distinct.
Nanna Schneidermann
Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University

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I can only give Lucy my very best recommendation. Very professional and thorough work. Comments were clear and helpful and easy to use. Time limits were kept and even if my own were continually changed Lucy managed this in a most professional way.
Camilla Brørup Dyssegaard, Danish Clearinghouse for Education Research

Lucy engages with the texts, not just correcting errors but also revising for clarity and coherence. Not surprisingly, she has many return clients.
Stacey Cozart, Senior Consultant, Language Services
Faculty of Arts
Aarhus University

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I would absolutely recommend you. It has been a pleasure to work with you, as you have provided me with thorough feedback not only on good English style, but also on how well my text actually communicates what I intended.
Thomas Binder
KADK, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Design School

Lucy is a very careful editor. She read my intentions – including where they were unclear to me!
Anne Lise Dalsgaard
Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University

Lucy’s editing made my language more elegant without changing the meaning. I felt in safe hands.
Pernille Leth-Espensen
Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Aarhus University

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Lucy’s work is very accurate. If she is not sure of something, she queries it in the text. You can simply trust her work.
Natalia Bachour
East Asia Institute, University of Zurich

Your comments and suggestions were precise, easy to understand and respectful to the text while really improving it.
Morten Schütt
Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University

What usually escapes me (and probably most non-native speakers) is how to express things clearly and elegantly. That’s called style, I guess, and Lucy’s editing remedied this probably inevitable shortcoming.
Henning Sievert
Department of Islamic Studies, University of Zurich

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I learned a lot about how to express myself concisely in an academic manner.
Ida Sofie Matzen
Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University

Your language editing is gentle and careful at the same time. Very cogent.
Nils Bubandt
Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University

What I like and am impressed by is that you as a proof-reader enter into the argumentation of the article. Thanks a lot.
Jørgen Riber Christensen
Centre for Communication, Cognition and Aesthetics
Aalborg University